Commercial Services

Business Security and Automation Systems

TotalConnInterface_comm_hiAt Spectracom, we sell and install the best commercial security and automation equipment available. Using our professional, detail-oriented approach, we work with small and large companies to design, develop and install a convenient and secure business package– what we and our past clients simply refer to as complete control.

With a business package only Spectracom can deliver, your business and its physical location will enjoy:

  • compliance with rules set by insurance companies, regulatory agencies, and the government
  • integration of new security/automation technology into previously installed systems by third-party manufacturers for increased ROI
  • a higher degree of employee safety and overall satisfaction
  • a tighter and more efficient set of operations

Whether you're looking to add the ideal blend of convenience and security to your new or long-standing business location, Spectracom can deliver.

Some of the different commercial sectors we install security and automation systems for include the financial, industrial, government and healthcare sector. While our security and automation systems work well together, they can also be split. To offer a wide range of business packages that meet many different budgets and needs, we offer components of these systems individually, too.

1357180731_gnome-lockscreenCommercial Security Systems:

    Our installed security systems make it easy to prevent losses from external and internal theft. With security cameras, keycard entries, and 24/7 monitoring by our central station, you can rest assured your business's assets are fully protected.

1370654492_system-software-updateCommercial Automation Systems:

    Harness the power of online account management and reporting systems so you don't have to personally execute every business action. Also use these systems to monitor company performance and make your business more comfortable and convenient.

At Spectracom, very few business packages are the same. By working with you personally, we determine the strengths and weaknesses of your business's existing systems with the ultimate goal of offering you the complete control we promised.

More efficiency, more security, higher ROI, and more peace of mind. That's what you can expect from your Spectracom-installed commercial system. If that sounds like something you and your business need, contact us for a free strategy and quote today.