Commercial Automation Systems

YTH9421C-c1-6_hiAutomating security and business-related operations can significantly reduce overhead and increase company profits. Because these systems excel at identifying inefficiencies and giving you the information you need to solve them, the business automation packages installed by Spectracom are used by small and large businesses nationwide. Meeting your company's unique budget requirements and working to maximize profit, we can provide you with a relevant combination of the following:

iPad_TuxTouch_auto_webAutomated Reporting:
After we link specialty software to your existing network, you have access to an online command center that gives you an overview and detail-rich analysis of business functions. This allows you to make smart changes within your company as needed.

TC2_keypad_video2_hiAutomated Alerts:
Whenever there's a problem inside your business location, our central station automatically alerts the appropriate authorities. Whether it's burglary, fire, or carbon monoxide, our central station works hard to ensure the safety of your employees and secure your precious assets. Alerts and updates can also be sent to your mobile device.

iphone_office_hiHome-Like Conveniences:
Do you appreciate the same conveniences at home as you do in your office? If so, we can give you full control over window shades, lighting, thermostats and the scheduling of any of these throughout your office. Also, if you're a smaller business with a standard door lock, unlock your business's door for colleagues with your smarthphone!

ipad_entrance_hiMobile Friendliness:
Today, technology gives you the ability to control anything from your mobile device. Whether you prefer using your iPad, iPhone, Blackberry or Droid smartphone, you can access, control and schedule just about anything with mobile applications.

With the customized business automation packages we help you create, your business will instantly reap the benefits of increased efficiency, convenience and security upon installation.