Commercial Security & Fire Systems

Business Security Systems and 24/7 Monitoring

The security systems sold and installed by Spectracom protect your business's physical location from criminal activity on the inside and out, when you're there and when you're not.

What some companies fail to realize is that they're always vulnerable. Whether your company is small or large, it's prosperous because it has valuable assets. Ideally, people pay for the products and services these assets help you deliver. But in reality, these assets are often compromised and affect the product or service that makes your business successful. What's even more unfortunate than this idea of asset loss is the idea of the loss coming from inside of your company.

According to a chilling National Retail Security Study, employees cost U.S. companies $19.5 billion in shrinkage, accounting for 47% of annual business losses. While this percentage is steep, it's gradually lowering as internal security evolves along with external security.

With the nearly limitless opportunities for defense our security systems offer, you can rest assured any unfortunate losses are organic – not criminal. Some precautions we can install on your premises to secure your business from criminal activity and losses include:

1392771341_RestrictedRestricted Access: Keycard entry for front doors and security id requirements for digital systems. Know who's accessing what (a company door or computer file) and when they're accessing it..

shutterstock_50679862Video Surveillance: Cameras on the interior and exterior walls of your location allow for 24/7 monitoring when linked to a remote system: computer, laptop, tablet, etc. And since recordings are made digitally, you can conveniently store surveillance files.

alertAlarm Communications: When you're not at your business's location, the eyes and ears of our central station are. Whenever a motion sensor, glass-break detector, or other security device is tripped, we notify local forces immediately.

dashboard-iconManagement Systems: With our integrated management systems, you can access a company-specific online command center that gives you full control over user codes and video surveillance, and full access to alarm event history and other important security data.

fire-safety-iconFire Safety: When we mention organic losses above, we aren't referring to natural disaster; rather, common financial losses from fluctuations in the market and time of season. Since you and your business have enough challenges to tackle, we protect you from fire-related losses with our fire safety equipment and America's most trusted monitoring center.

Regardless of your company's industry – retail, healthcare, finance, government, or industrial – we can provide you with a comprehensive business security package that meets your company's budget and helps increase overall profit.