Security & Automation Equipment Installed by Spectracom

Spectracom only installs equipment made by the world's finest security companies. One of these companies is Honeywell – a Fortune 100 company that's considered the largest innovator in home and business security equipment.

Lynx Plus 3000

LynxPlus3000ControlPanel_demo-btnThis control panel comes standard with all security and automation equipment installed by Spectracom. The user-friendly LYNX Plus puts
security and convenience at your fingertips.

Lynx Touch 5100

LynxTouch5100ControlPanel_demo-btnWith a small touchscreen and colored display, this control panel offers everything you need to effectively arm/disarm your security system and control automated components.

Tuxedo Touch

TotalConnect2Software_demo-btnThe magnificent 7" high-resolution touchscreen provides you with the easiest way to automate and control your security system, heating and cooling systems, shades,lighting and more.

The equipment that's manufactured by these companies gives you total control over your home or business location – something we hold in high regard here at Spectracom. For instance, while traditional security equipment manufactured years ago offered you limited abilities, today's equipment – the equipment we install – gives you so much more.

With Spectracom-installed equipment, you can control everything from home defense to temperature settings and lighting on a single device. Whether that's a laptop, smartphone, tablet, or your central control panel is up to you.

Popular Control Panels for Easy Integration in the Home or Office

A control panel is the digital display, usually located by a main door, that gives you access to your security and automation settings. Using your preferred control panel, you can arm/disarm your system, monitor cameras, and manage presettings for temperature, lighting and more.

We also install high grade security and automation equipment manufactured by many highly trusted companies including:


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