Interactive Demos for Our Honeywell Control Panels

Your Honeywell control panel gives you the ability to safely arm and disarm your Spectracom-installed security system and control the automated components of your home with ease. You can also pair your control panel with Honeywell's Total Connect software to manage security and automated components like thermostats, lighting and door locks, remotely with your smartphone, tablet, and computer. Demo the two different Honeywell control panels we install, as well as the Total Connect software below. If you have any questions after demoing the control panels and software, please view our FAQ page or contact us.

LynxPlus3000ControlPanel_demo-btnLynx Plus 3000 Control Panel

This control panel comes standard with all security and automation equipment installed by Spectracom. The user-friendly LYNX Plus puts security and convenience at your fingertips. The vibrant, easy-to-read display is easier to use than traditional security systems. Arm, disarm and check the status of your security system via your PC, laptop and other mobile devices.

TuxedoTouchControlPanell_demo-btnTotal Connect 2.0 Software

Honeywell's software allows you to take the functionality of your control panel with you wherever you go. Do nearly everything you can do on your control panel on your smartphone, tablet, and computer.

LynxTouch5100ControlPanel_demo-btnLynx Touch 5100 Control Panel

The Lynx Touch 5100 is an upgraded version of the Lynx Plus 3000. With a small touchscreen and colored display, this control panel offers everything you need to effectively arm/disarm your security system and control automated components. For people who appreciate interactive technology that's basic and reliable.

TotalConnect2Software_demo-btnTuxedo Touch Control Panel

The magnificent 7" high-resolution touchscreen provides you with the easiest way to automate and control your security system, heating and cooling systems, shades, lighting and more. Tuxedo Touch can help you make the most of your home. Highly recommended for people with a more advanced security system and several automated components.