Residential Services

Home Security and Automation Systems

Listening_LYNX_T_hiThe residential security, monitoring, and automation systems sold and installed by Spectracom offer homeowners the perfect blend of security, convenience and comfort. Meeting your lifestyle, budget and needs, we work with you to find the best combination of equipment and services for a superior home package.

To do this, we rely on the expertise and empathy of our home security professionals. Combining their skills with state-of-the-art equipment by Honeywell and Guardian, we give you full control of your home and make it more secure.

With devices like laptops, tablets and smartphones, you can control door locks, cameras, lighting and temperature settings, wirelessly – in your home, at work, or states away. You can also automate home security devices and conveniences like these so you never have to think twice about your security and comfort. All of this is available along with the monitoring services of our central station that dispatches emergency teams as needed.

Home Security SystemsHome Security Systems: 24-hour monitoring, theft protection devices, system-connected door and window locks, cameras and more. Everything you need to make your home the world's most comfortable fortress.

Home Automation SystemsHome Automation Systems: In addition to automating your home security, you can also automate conveniences like lights, cameras and thermostats. Arrive home to a well-lit, perfectly tempered setting while saving energy during the day.

1391552574_remoteRemote Home Security: Look in on your home from time to time, remotely ... whenever you want. Control and take advantage of every home security device you have installed using your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Unlock doors for friends, disable and enable security systems, see when your kids arrive home from school, and so much more.

1391553781_os-supportLife Safety: In addition to protecting you from burglars, fires and other home threats, we also keep you safe from yourself. For older adults and people with health problems, we offer one-touch devices that instantly alert our central station and emergency medical services.

Whether you're currently building a house or looking to upgrade the security and conveniences of your existing home, contact us today. Experience how home security has evolved into complete home control.