Home Automation Systems

When home security is coupled with home automation, you're in complete control.


After your home is secure, automating it comes next. Think of securing your home as necessity and automating it as your chance to have some fun.

With our home automation systems, the possibilities of extra convenience, comfort, and entertainment are seemingly infinite. After choosing your new automation solution or adding to your existing one, you'll understand the greatness of homeownership in an entirely new way. The amount of opportunities we offer you to automate your home are almost overwhelming.



Here are just a handful of things you can do with the home automation systems installed by Spectracom ...

Tuxedo_collageSet Different Scenes.
Schedule thermostats, lighting, window shades and ceiling fans for different settings at different times of day and night. Also take control of them immediately without compromising your set schedules. Fall asleep in a perfectly tempered bedroom with a light breeze from your overhead fan; enter a kitchen lit by the morning sunrise; and arrive home to extraordinary comfort.

LYNXTouch_Briana_hiSave on Energy Costs.
For when you're away at work, turn your thermostat off or set it to minimal requirements, all while ensuring you walk into a comfortable home at the end of the day. For when you're on vacation or visiting relatives, schedule individual lights to turn on at night. Save energy while keeping your home secure by making it look like someone is always at home.

TuxedoW_doorConnect Home to Phone.
In addition to controlling automated systems with in-home devices, you can also control temperature, lighting, and shading with your smartphone. It doesn't matter where you are – as long as you have a qualified mobile device, you're in full control.


TC_LYNX-Touch_5100Tap Into Existing Home Security.
You can also access and control home security features like locks and cameras with your smartphone, tablet or laptop. To learn more about mobile security and monitoring like this, view our remote home security solutions .

These benefits only begin to tell the story of the luxuries and conveniences of home automation. To learn about the other possibilities our home automation systems afford, contact us today.