Home Security Systems

Home Security Systems and 24/7 Monitoring

With our residential security systems and 24/7monitoring, home protection exceeds that afforded by brick walls and window glass.

The home security systems installed by Spectracom offer you, your family, your home, and the valuables within your home around-the-clock protection from burglars and unwelcomed guests. State-of-the-art equipment teams with our central station that dispatches local law enforcement and emergency services when you need them. Whether you're at home, at work, or on vacation, everything you love is under 24/7 protection that's unobtrusive and reliable.


During a time when burglaries are completed successfully 80% of the time, the need for effective home protection has never been direr. And this isn't mere speculation. This statistic comes directly from the Department of Justice and motivates us to provide you with the ideal home security solution that meets your unique lifestyle, budget and needs.

To do this, we offer an array of home security solutions that monitor your home's interior, outside walls, and actual property line.

outwallPerimeter Property Protection: Prevent intruders from entering your home in the first place. Motion detectors installed on your property line alert you and our central station when unwelcomed guests are present. This is what makes common burglars head for the hills. One of the most popular add-ons homeowners choose is the glass-break detector that immediately alerts you and our central station when windows are tampered with.

indoorInterior Protection: Motion detectors, temperature sensors and other indoor devices are connected to your central system to protect you from intruders, carbon monoxide, and so much more.

indoorFire Safety: Perhaps the most dangerous intruder of all is a product of what we depend on every day: oxygen for breathing, gas for heating, and combustible elements like wood that support the home itself. To protect your family and belongings, we carry state-of-the-art fire detection equipment and connect it to America's most trusted monitoring center.

shutterstock_50679862Video Surveillance: For recorded monitoring inside and outside of your home, we install cameras that can be accessed in real time from your laptop, tablet and smartphone. Great for confirming accidents and intrusions.

With our technologically advanced security systems and assured installations, you shut your doors to everything unwanted and open them to peace of mind.