Life Safety

Life Safety and Medical Alert Systems

LYNXTouchCamerasSensors_hiMake sure you're never alone in the wake of an accident, health problem, or complicated situation. Our life safety and medical alert systems benefit every kind of person: healthy individuals, people with medical complications, older adults, and children.

Commonly thought of as only for older adults, these systems are actually designed for everyone. Simply because everyone deserves to have quick access to professional help in the wake of health problems, disastrous events, and other complicated, life-threatening situations.

Some of the life safety solutions we provide include ... medicineMedical Emergency Pendants: The most effective solution for older adults and people with health problems who choose to live independently at home. With a medical pendant, you or family members in need are only one click away from emergency medical help. The pendant is directly connected to our central station where we dispatch medical alert teams immediately.

1391565288_Android-Voice-DailerVoice-Enabled Guidance: Have you ever been in a complicated home situation and needed professional support? How about your kids or other family members? With voice-enabled guidance, you can connect to a team of home safety and medical professionals without ever picking up your phone. The guidance system is hardwired into your existing security system and linked directly to our central station.

keyfobMedical Alert Pendant: Yet another way to protect you, your family, and your home. Keyfob transmitters enable you to arm and disarm your security system within the range of your system's wireless reach. This allows you or family members to alert nearby neighbors and other family members of unexpected occurrences. Health problems, fires, break-ins and anything else life-threatening. Whatever the situation, pressing the panic button will summon someone quickly to your aid.

With the life safety and medical alert systems installed by Spectracom, you can enhance your existing security system or simply acquire the medical assistance you need.