Remote Home Security

You can now control all of your home's security features and settings with your smartphone, tablet, laptop and other online devices.After your new home security system is installed by Spectracom, we provide you with access to an online home command center. This command center, responsible for connecting you directly to your home's security features, is accessible through virtually all mobile devices with Wi-Fi, hardline, or 3G/4G capabilities.

The power of your entire home security system ... all on one handheld device. This is the kind of control and convenience you can expect with a home security system installed bySpectracom. And it's this kind of control and convenience that's needed more than ever.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the U.S. Census, the average American is away from their home roughly 9.5 hours per day.

With remote home security, this great disconnect betweenhome and homeowner is solved.

  • Monitor In-Home Cameras ... to check on children, pets and guests.
  • Monitor Exterior Cameras ... to validate home deliveries, solicitors, neighbors and family friends.
  • Enable/Disable Security Systems ... to warmly welcome friendly faces without alarm.
  • Unlock Doors ... to prevent losing keys under doormats and flower pots and compromising home security.

These are the most popular home security features you can access and control remotely. But you can also access everyday things that hold security value.


Other home features you can control remotely include ...

  • Indoor Lighting
  • Outdoor Lighting
  • and Window ShadesTC2

When these are connected to our home automation systems, home security is enhanced even further. With the ability to control indoor/outdoor lighting and window blinds remotely, you can stave off burglars by making it look like you're always present, even when you're not.